The Right Step Dallas treats all forms of substance abuse with a full continuum of alcohol and drug rehab programs in Dallas, TX. Our drug rehab center understands the vicious cycle of addiction and provides a comfortable and friendly environment for addiction recovery.

Conveniently located between Dallas and Fort Worth, individuals find a welcoming, drug-free environment to break free from the disease of addiction. 

The Right Step Dallas Provides a Scholarship for College Students

The purpose of The Right Step Dallas Scholarship is to provide additional financial support and encouragement for college students. This one-time reward of $1,000 will be rewarded to one applicant to promote their educational endeavors. The one-time scholarship amount will be sent to the recipient’s chosen university for one semester.

We hope this scholarship supports the education and academic success of the recipient.

With The Right Step Dallas Scholarship, students can choose to live a healthier life full of education and free of drug and alcohol abuse.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

To apply for The Right Step Dallas Scholarship, submit the following required information and essay to by August 31st:

  • First and last name of the student
  • Student’s date of birth
  • Chosen university or college for the one-time reward to be sent to
  • Essay on the topic: mental health help during the COVID crisis

Scholarship Awarding and Delegation

The Right Step Dallas Scholarship will be awarded based upon the following criteria:

  • Essay submissions must be 100% original and written only by the student applying. Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
  • The winning applicant essay will be judged on the impact of their essay, uniqueness of content, word choice, and grammar.
  • Essays submitted after August 31st, 2020 will not be considered.
  • The scholarship award may be revoked at any time if The Right Step Dallas determines the submission broke any rules.
  • Students may not contact The Right Step Dallas to request status updates on their submitted essay and application.
  • The applicant must be willing to have their essay and likeness published on related websites and social media sources.
  • The one-time awarded $1,000 will be sent to the recipient’s chosen college or university.

About The Right Step Dallas

Finding the right drug rehab center in Dallas, TX to fit the individual’s needs is critical to a successful and happy life. The Right Step Dallas is part of an addiction treatment network supplying all of the programs needed for a successful recovery from substance abuse.

Addiction recovery is a life-changing experience. Our licensed clinicians provide assistance at every step of the way, including detox and aftercare programs. 

The Right Step Dallas prides itself on a highly skilled team that includes a board-certified addictionologist, psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, advanced nurse practitioners, and other addiction specialists. Our clinicians combine years of experience and evidence-based approaches to offer exceptional drug and alcohol treatment. Many of our staff members are in recovery and can relate to your experiences on a personal level.

Programs at The Right Step Dallas

A full continuum of care is a critical component of sustainable recovery. The first thing you’ll learn about The Right Step Dallas is we provide that full continuum. Our levels of care include:

  • Medical detox program
  • Inpatient drug rehab program
  • Outpatient treatment program
  • Extended care program options
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program

In addition, we provide comprehensive assessments conducted by medical and psychological professionals. We take an integrated approach to determine the appropriate level of care you’ll need. We also determine the best evidence-based and holistic programs for your needs.

If you or a loved one suffers from drug or alcohol abuse, contact The Right Step Dallas. Call 888.897.2228 to learn more about how we’re making a difference in the lives of clients, families, and the community.