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Tens of millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse disorders, alcoholism, and mental health disorders every year. Both substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions are chronic, meaning that you have to learn how to manage your symptoms throughout your lifetime to recover. Mental health disorders and addiction are also deadly. Cognitive and dialectical behavioral…

a girl experiencing the emotional effects of alcohol

Emotional Effects of Alcohol

Although legal, alcohol is one of the most highly addictive psychoactive substances in the world. Like other psychoactive substances, alcohol can lead to physical and psychological dependence. The emotional effects of alcohol can also be damaging. Since alcohol lowers your inhibitions, intoxication can cause you to argue and fight with others. In fact, drinking also…

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Myths About Drugs

Substance abuse disorders and addiction impact more than 23 million Americans annually, making addiction an epidemic. Unlike certain conditions like infections, addiction is a chronic and incurable condition. While some myths about drugs include things like you can’t get addicted from just one use, the truth is that all psychoactive substances can lead to physical…