woman laying on her bed covering her face displaying symptoms and signs of anxiety

Signs of Anxiety

If you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety or experiencing signs of anxiety, you are far from alone. Anxiety-related disorders are the most common mental health problem in the United States. In fact, anxiety-related disorders impact over 18% of Americans each year. When you are struggling with anxiety, symptoms can become disabling. Signs…

woman with her head down and hand on her forehead dealing with symptoms of alcohol and depression

Alcohol and Depression

Alcohol has the potential to cause physical dependency, which causes you to experience painful and potentially fatal detox symptoms if you stop drinking. Another complication of abusing alcohol is that it can cause mood changes and aggravate underlying mental health disorders, like depression. Alcohol and depression are often strongly connected because depression can cause you…

woman sitting nervously as she asks therapist what is dual diagnosis

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Each year, 17.5 million Americans struggle with a serious mental health disorder, while another 19.7 million meet the criteria for a substance abuse disorder. Mental health disorders and addiction can both cause disabling and deadly symptoms, especially when left untreated. When you have a mental health disorder, symptoms increase your chances of using and abusing…


Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate, Neither Should Addiction Treatment

Roughly 23 million  American adults will struggle with a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. That’s almost ten percent of the population! Sadly, of those 23 million people 75% reported not having received any help at all.    Some people grow out of their addictions, some are able to help themselves, and…