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Stress Management Techniques

During addiction, prioritizing drugs and alcohol increases interpersonal conflict and problems with friends, family members, and loved ones. Stress is also a major trigger for many mental health conditions, like anxiety. When you’re recovering from either, learning effective stress management techniques is a vital way to learn how to manage your symptoms with addiction treatment…


Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate, Neither Should Addiction Treatment

Roughly 23 million  American adults will struggle with a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. That’s almost ten percent of the population! Sadly, of those 23 million people 75% reported not having received any help at all.    Some people grow out of their addictions, some are able to help themselves, and…


Meet Me in the Middle: Why The Working Class Is Overlooked When It Comes To Addiction

The opioid crisis continues to expand into suburbs and more affluent areas, and now we’ve started to hear the message that “addiction doesn’t discriminate.” The statement is meant to showcase that addiction can affect people regardless of economic status, to change the way we view those struggling with addiction.    On the one hand, this…

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Fun Sober Activities

While addiction and substance abuse disorders are prevalent, roughly 10% of adults in the United States are actively recovering. During recovery, it can be hard to discover fun sober activities. When you struggle with addiction, your life revolves around your substance of choice, which can make it hard to find ways to have fun without…

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Tens of millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse disorders, alcoholism, and mental health disorders every year. Both substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions are chronic, meaning that you have to learn how to manage your symptoms throughout your lifetime to recover. Mental health disorders and addiction are also deadly. Cognitive and dialectical behavioral…