father, mother, and son portrait posing the question is alcoholism hereditary

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

With 14.4 million American adults in 2018 dealing with an alcohol use disorder, it’s no wonder that people have many questions about this problem. Since some people who struggle with alcoholism tend to have a family member who also is an alcoholic, they wonder is alcoholism hereditary. This question has been debated for years. It’s…

man gesturing to group as he explains the different types of addiction

Types of Addiction

People are probably familiar with hearing about the opioid epidemic in the United States. With millions of people affected every year, this is a vital issue facing the country. However, there are millions of people struggling with alcohol, meth, heroin, and other drug addictions. In addition, when we think about what addiction looks like, we…

portrait of man wearing a hat learning the long term effects of alcohol

Long Term Effects of Alcohol

What Are the Effects of Alcohol? About 13.8 million adults in America have a drinking problem with about 8 million of those diagnosed as alcoholics. While we hear a lot in the news about opioids, there is a growing concern about the alcohol epidemic as well. People understand the immediate consequences of drinking too much,…