woman rubbing her temples after Triggers of an Anxiety Attack

Triggers of an Anxiety Attack

What Are the Triggers of an Anxiety Attack? Are you worried about the anxiety attacks in your life? Look out for triggers of an anxiety attack to understand the cause of this mental condition. Beware that diagnosing the exact cause may not be easy, so it’s essential to seek the assistance of an excellent mental…

anxious man sitting on couch worried about the Signs of an Anxiety Attack

Signs of an Anxiety Attack

What Are the Signs of an Anxiety Attack? All humans experience anxiety at some point in life. However, it’s unhealthy when it’s intense, excessive, and persistent. The common signs of an anxiety attack are so terrifying that some people mistake it for a heart attack. The best thing to do when in this situation is…

woman laying on the couch curious about the Signs of Depression

Signs of Depression

Getting through the day proves tough for people who are suffering from depression. As such, you should be aware of typical signs of depression as they may indicate other underlying or co-occurring mental health conditions. Also, depression affects people of different ages, classes, and racial backgrounds, so everyone must join in the fight against mental…

man pondering the Risks of Alcohol Abuse at an internet cafe

Risks of Alcohol Abuse

The Risks of Alcohol Abuse and Overcoming Alcoholism The risks of alcohol abuse vary primarily depending on your level of alcohol consumption. Therefore, if you drink alcohol once in a while, it might not do you too much harm, especially if you have a high tolerance. However, it becomes a different story if you frequently…

group learning what is THC

What Is THC?

Although marijuana’s active ingredients total more than 100, two of them stand out in popularity and usage. One is CBD, and the other is THC. But what is THC exactly? Furthermore, what is its purpose in the marijuana plant? Read on to understand how THC plays a major role in the plant used for medicinal…

man leaning on window wondering do i need thc addiction treatment

Do I Need THC Addiction Treatment?

Steps to Recognizing THC Addiction The growing movement to legalize marijuana has done a lot to remove the stigma against smoking cannabis. In many states, it has also made marijuana much easier to obtain through both medical programs and dispensaries. While these changes are arguably good for those that need medical help, they also present…