woman thinking outside can mindfulness meditation work for addiction

Can Mindfulness Meditation Work For Addiction?

You may have wondered, “Can mindfulness meditation work for addiction, and if so, how?” Studies show that mindfulness meditation practices benefit people who suffer from substance use disorder in their recovery efforts. Accredited rehab facilities have known this all along. They’ve seen proof in the thousands of former substance abusers that have successfully completed mindfulness…

man smiling knowing safety at rehab

Safety at Rehab for Those with Mental Health Challenges: Don’t Let Coronavirus Take Your Peace

You’ve worked hard to find some level of peace and health with your mental health disorders. You may be taking medications and receiving therapy as you need to. Then a challenge like the current coronavirus comes along, and suddenly, you don’t feel so in-control anymore. You are afraid of what’s happening and are unsure of…

woman holding pillow in bed wondering about addiction and your physical health

Addiction and Your Physical Health: Marijuana Abuse Opens You Up to Covid-19 Dangers

As the coronavirus rapidly spreads across the nation, a growing number of people are worried about their lung health. Unfortunately, marijuana smokers may not be among these individuals because they think that their habit is “safe.” That conception is sadly mistaken. Any type of addiction and physical health problem – even marijuana smoking – could…