Doctor examining a brain scan to better understand addiction and the brain

Addiction and the Brain: What’s Going On?

Addiction messes with the brain.  We sort of know this already, don’t we? Insensitive phrases like “drugs make people crazy” paired with a few wild stories, and we all agree—yeah, they’re something going on up there.  But do we actually understand the science behind addiction and the brain? Because this matters.  Only when we grasp…

Woman experiencing terrible hangxiety after a night of heavy drinking

Got Terrible Hangxiety? It Could Be a Sign to Get Help

Hangry might just be the perfect combination of words.    You know what I’m talking about, right? When you’re so famished, you’ll snap at anyone or anything that isn’t food prepared and ready to be eaten? Hangry sums it up.    Today we’re going to talk about another wonderful word mashup: hangxiety.    You may…

A woman living with prescription drug abuse

Women and Prescription Drug Abuse: Find Hope for Help

You might be surprised by what research has to say about the use and abuse of prescription drugs in women. Unless, of course, you’ve lived the statistics.   Statistics like:  Women are more likely than men to take prescription drugs.  Primary drugs prescribed to adult women under the age of 60 include antidepressants and the…

Wine mom culture with friend in front of young child

Is Your “Mom Wine Time” Actually Alcohol Abuse?

Here’s the picture:    A bathtub filled to the brim with bubbles and two little faces topped with sopping wet hair. And off to the side? Nails—painted in an of-the-moment Essie color—wrapped around a glass that’s also filled to the brim (with, well, wine).    Caption it “How mommy makes it to bedtime!” and you’ve…

Woman thinking about the science of change

Will I Ever Change? Looking At The Science of Change

When I think about change, do you know what I see?    Before and Afters.    There’s a thrill in knowing that when I swipe right, I’m going to be rewarded with a picture of complete and total transformation. The subject doesn’t even matter; homes, bodies, haircuts, and any manner of organizing projects.    Before…