Today is the day. The day that you decide to quit drugs or alcohol completely. You think that you never, ever want to return to abusing substances. But you also worry about what might happen to your physical and mental state.

At The Right Step DFW, we understand the risks of quitting drugs or alcohol on your own. That’s why we have created safe spaces to ease withdrawal symptoms within our drug and alcohol rehab center. Our drug and alcohol detox programs offer medication-assisted treatment with 24/7 monitoring in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

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We want to see you succeed in your recovery. Our drug and alcohol detox program work to support you through the first phase of your addiction treatment so that you have the endurance to keep going. Detox isn’t easy, but our in-house medical staff will be there as you begin to ease off harmful substances safely and help you manage withdrawal symptoms.

Medication-Assisted Detox Treatment

We want to help you feel comfortable as possible as you begin your journey towards sobriety. At The Right Step DFW, our drug and alcohol detox program offers medication-assisted treatments, which includes:

  • Methadone⦁ : helps reduce opioid cravings to help maintain long-term recovery. It can also ease withdrawal symptoms and block the effects of opioids
  • Buprenorphine⦁ : lowers the need for physical dependency on opioids or alcohol. It also reduces cravings
  • Naltrexone: reduces opioid and alcohol cravings and can lower the risk of relapse

You may be wondering which type of medication is right for you? That depends on the severity of your addiction, withdrawal symptoms and which substances you have been using. We will have a better understanding of which medications will help after your initial evaluation.


Detox-Only Treatment at The Right Step DFW

We understand the importance of getting the help you need when you decide to quit drugs and alcohol. That’s why, at The Right Step DFW, we have created the unique option of detox-only treatment services.

Our detox-only treatment lasts about four to seven days, depending on the severity of the addiction. You can expect a comfortable environment with a 24/7, onsite medical staff. Detox is an essential step in many addiction treatment programs, but it works best when paired with therapeutic residential or outpatient addiction treatment programs.

That’s why, once you complete detox, we will sit down with you to discuss your care options. We highly recommend either residential or outpatient addiction treatment as you begin your recovery journey to ensure the best outcome in your sobriety.


What to Expect When You Detox

We begin all drug and alcohol detox with a diagnostic assessment conducted by our on-site medical staff. This allows us to fully assess what substances you use and the frequency and open up the conversation to ask questions and discuss your concerns.
Depending on your substance use, the frequency it’s used, and what type of substance it is, you may experience a wide range of withdrawal symptoms during your time within drug and alcohol detox. Some of the most common detox withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Anxiety, depression or feeling restless
  • Hallucinations or feeling disoriented
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sweating, chills or shaking

There is a possibility that you could experience more severe withdrawal symptoms, including elevated heart rate, digestive problems or delirium tremens. But no matter what symptoms you may encounter, you can feel confident that you will not face them alone.


Is it Important to Detox in a Safe Space?

You may be thinking that you can simply quit all on your own at home. And while that may be entirely possible, it is not the safest choice. There are a few reasons why seeking comfortable detox in a medical setting may be the better choice.

First, ending a drug or alcohol addiction can harm both your physical and mental health. That’s because you build up a dependency the longer you use a particular substance. When you quit, your body and brain react to the lack of chemicals that it has become reliant on. This sudden lack can cause dangerous results in the body. That’s why detoxing with trained medical professionals is the safest choice.

Second, you are more likely to experience personal success when you detox inside a treatment center that provides structure, support and motivation. When you try to quit on your own, you may find yourself in a triggering environment. At The Right Step DFW, our drug and alcohol addiction rehab combines therapeutic addiction programs with detox and relapse management options to help you maintain long-lasting recovery.


Take Your First Step in Recovery

Quitting drugs and alcohol isn’t easy. But we are here for you as you take your first step in recovery. We will support you as you transition away from substances carefully and teach you the tools you need to live the life you want without the need for drugs and alcohol.
For more information on our drug and alcohol detox program or any of our addiction treatment options, call us today at 844.675.0964. At The Right Step DFW, we help Texans take the right step every day.