The Problem: Substance Use Disorders

Substance use disorder is a real problem for many people all across the country. Whether someone is struggling with heroin, meth, or prescription painkillers, addiction threatens to wreck a life in a short time. Not only does drug addiction threaten to harm a person’s life, but it also has the potential to harm those the person loves. Families are torn apart and heartbroken due to a drug addiction problem. However, with the aid of substance abuse treatment programs at an intensive outpatient rehab center, hope shines like a light to those who need it most.

Hope Through Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

two female clients speak with a female doctor about substance abuse treatment programsA substance abuse treatment program offers hope to those struggling with any type of drug addiction. Although it may seem overwhelming right now to think about quitting drugs, once you begin the program, you’ll notice a difference right away. As you continue to take the steps to a drug-free life, you’ll feel more hopeful and happy about your future.

Drugs only provide a short-term euphoria or a sense of well-being. Then when the drug wears off, you’re left feeling depressed and uneasy. However, getting off drugs with the help of a Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Dallas TX will bring true peace to your life. You’ll get a boost of self-confidence and natural joy when you realize the progress you’re making through your addiction treatment programs.

Taking That First Step

For some people, that first step in the right direction begins the process of breaking addiction. When you decide to seek treatment for a substance use disorder, it has a powerful effect on your life. The first step is an acknowledgment that you have a problem and that you cannot quit drugs on our own. Yet with the aid of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Dallas, TX, you will be able to accomplish your goal of detoxing from whatever substance to which you are currently addicted.

What does the first step involve? Reaching out to a reputable substance abuse treatment center such as The Right Step. With a location in Dallas, Texas, you will find the place offers an ideal environment for your needs. A rehab coordinator will take your call and find out pertinent information from you, such as:

  • Identifying information
  • What type of substance you’ve been using
  • How much of the substance you’ve been using
  • What was the method of taking the substance (did you ingest, smoke, inject, or snort)
  • Do you have any other medical, mental health, or drug use history?

After the coordinator discusses your options for treatment with you, you’ll set up a time to begin formal rehab. Usually, the sooner you can begin, the better. A medical professional will provide you with a formal evaluation to determine what program may be best for you. In other words, will you need residential care or will an intensive outpatient program be sufficient?

Finally, you and the therapist will discuss a plan for treatment and determine whether a medical detox is necessary.

Welcome to Right Step Dallas

At The Right Step, our caring and compassionate staff is ready to help you on your journey to a better life —one that is healthy and full of joy. At our gorgeous facility, you will find a tranquil atmosphere, which facilitates recovery. Trained clinicians will walk beside you directing you each step of the way until you gain complete independence from drugs.

Don’t let drug addiction pull your life down in despair. You can overcome these problems and find help by reaching out to Substance Abuse Treatment Programs. It’s time to take the first step — contact The Right Step Dallas today at 1.844.768.1161, and we’ll guide you on your journey to recovery.