Taking the First Step in Recovery

When drug addiction strikes your home, family, or loved one, then you must take action to avoid the dire consequences that will ultimately occur. By reaching out to a quality intensive outpatient rehab center such as The Right Step Dallas and beginning the rehab admissions process, you’ll be on the pathway to recovery.

Get Your Mind in Order

doctor and client discussing the Dallas rehab admissions processYour first step in the rehab admissions process is to take a deep breath and know that you can do this. Don’t let anxiety cause you to feel overwhelmed. Be easy with yourself, knowing that you are going to be connecting with a group of compassionate and understanding professionals.

In addition, you can talk to trusted loved ones about your plans for rehab. Let them know that you are planning to seek treatment. This can be empowering because it solidifies your actions in your own mind, and it helps you to be accountable to others. It’s better to have the support and assistance of friends and family when possible. They can be like a lifeline during and after treatment.

Finally, don’t listen to any inner, negative self-talk. Doing so will only cause you to back out. Also, procrastination is not your friend either. Once you have your mind in order, you’re ready for the next step.

Get Ready to Reach Out to a Rehab Coordinator

Now, you’re ready to pick up the phone and make the call to a rehab coordinator. This person is ready to help you on your journey to a new life. When you call The Right Step Dallas, you will talk to a specialist who can provide you with valuable information about what treatment program will work best for your needs. During the call, the coordinator will:

  • Ask you about your current situation such as what drugs you are using and how often
  • Discuss your history, including medical issues, mental health, and past drug use
  • Verify your insurance coverage for you
  • Go over the treatment plans and addiction treatment programs available

The Right Step Dallas works with most national insurance providers to ensure that all clients have access to treatment. Additionally, we also accept Medicaid.

All About the Actual Rehab Admissions

Once your insurance is approved through Right Step Dallas Rehab, you can begin treatment. A therapist will provide an extensive assessment of your current mental health situation as well as your substance use to determine if a dual diagnosis exists. If so, you’ll be set up for dual diagnosis treatment, which addresses both conditions. A dual diagnosis treatment plan helps you get to the root of your problem so that you can find true healing.

The admissions counselor will also go over the different therapies with you and set up your schedule so that you are prepared. They will also discuss the possible necessity of medical detox and determine if you would be best served by a residential treatment program or on an outpatient basis.

You may take a tour of the facility and get to know the various staff. You may see where the therapy sessions are conducted and view the residential rooms. Also, you’ll see what amenities, if any, are offered while you stay at Right Step.

Introducing Right Step Dallas

At Right Step, we’re ready to welcome you into our lovely facility. You’ll find our staff ready to assist you on your journey to a healthy, joyful life. The tranquil environment is just what is needed to facilitate a robust recovery. Trained clinicians will walk with you, directing every step of the way until you gain complete independence from drugs.

Don’t let drug addiction pull your life down in despair. Now that you understand the rehab admissions process, you can overcome these problems. Reach out to by taking the first step — contact The Right Step Dallas today at 1.844.768.1161. We’ll guide you on your journey to recovery.