Upon completing addiction treatment, clients are sent out the door to begin their lives in sobriety. While that might seem like a good thing, it does create issues for some departing clients. You see, not everyone leaves rehab with an overwhelming sense of security. In fact, a lot of people walk out the door with concerns they will not be able to sustain their recovery. The truth is the early days and months of recovery are scary. That’s why most addiction treatment centers highly recommend their departing clients consider aftercare options like a sober living home program.

What is a Sober Living Home Program?female doctor with glasses talks to male patient about a sober living home program

The time a client spends in rehab is expensive. They can’t stay there indefinitely. Unfortunately, that means some clients have to depart before they are fully ready to handle life on the outside. The good news is there are sober living home programs that can serve as a bridge of safety until the individual is ready to go for it alone.

Using a sober living home in Dallas, Texas is an example. Sober housing is a form of communal living with as many as 5-15 recovering adults agreeing to live together under one roof. The house has a resident manager, who is usually a licensed counselor or former addiction sufferer with long-term sobriety. That’s certainly true of many a sober living home in Dallas, Texas.

A sober living program in Dallas, Texas provides a safe-haven for people who aren’t sure they can make it on the outside. To maintain safety and stability in the house, each resident contracts to follow a set of rules. Failure to do so usually results in immediate eviction for the protection of the other residents. As a point of reference, here are a few rules that are common among most sober living home programs:

  • There is to be no sexual fraternization among residents
  • Each resident must be willing to submit to random drug testing
  • There is a zero-tolerance for any form of drug or alcohol use except approved prescription medications
  • All residents have to do chores around the house
  • All residents must attend 12-Step meetings or counseling programs
  • When appropriate, residents must secure and maintain employment
  • No criminal activity is acceptable

If residents make good progress and follow the rules, they earn more responsibilities and freedom. In that way, sober living is similar to an intensive outpatient program in Dallas, Texas

The Benefits of a Sober Living Home Dallas Texas Location

During their time in rehab, clients begin rebuilding the structure in their lives. The last thing they want to do is lose their momentum. A sober living home program offers the same level of structure. That enables the resident to keep building on the progress they were making in rehab.

Another great benefit of spending time in a sober living home in Dallas, Texas is relationship building. Remember, relationships suffer during addiction. Going into rehab, incoming residents already know they have a few things in common with the other residents. When people contract to live together, they will have cause to interact on a personal level. Sometimes, those interactions turn into lasting relationships. One can never have too many supporters when they depart a sober living home in Dallas, Texas. 

Welcome to The Right Step Dallas

At The Right Step, we are proud to serve addiction sufferers from all over Texas. From detox to providing a sober living home in Dallas, Texas, we direct everything towards helping clients recover from addiction. To achieve our goals, we offer:

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When you complete rehab, you might want to consider a sober living home program in your area. If you live in Dallas, we can point the way to a sober living program Dallas Texas option. Before you consider sober living, we would like to offer you our addiction treatment services. We’d be happy to give you details if you call us at 1.844.768.1161.