pensive man thinking about a mens alcohol rehab centerThe binge-drinking definition for men is consuming five or more drinks in two hours or less. The reason why drinking is damaging is that your liver is only capable of filtering one serving of alcohol every half hour. When you drink too much, you overwork your liver and increase your chances of developing alcoholism. This requires treatment from a men’s alcohol rehab center.

Even if you don’t consume more than five drinks in a day, symptoms of alcohol addiction can still occur. Drinking can ruin your health, relationships, and more. If you experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, reach out to the addiction treatment center in Dallas, TX.

Men and Alcoholism

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that causes your brain to release a pleasurable rush of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that induces positive thoughts and feelings. The rush of GABA is responsible for intoxication but when you are sober you have a sudden depletion, which causes cravings and negative moods. The more you drink, the more severe the neurotransmitter imbalance becomes.

Since alcohol can cause physical dependency, abusing alcohol for long periods of time can cause potentially life-threatening detox symptoms if you suddenly stop drinking. Another complication of alcoholism and alcohol abuse is that it can lead to irreversible liver damage. Alcohol abuse can also lead to neurological and cognitive problems, like alcoholic dementia.

Alcohol also impairs judgment, lowers inhibition, and increases moodiness. Drinking has the ability to magnify whatever emotions you are experiencing, which can lead to major personality changes. When you develop a physical dependency, you also need to drink solely to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as shakes and tremors. As you progress through the stages of alcoholism, you can experience increasingly severe consequences, such as legal problems and organ damage. Early treatment from a men’s alcohol rehab center can improve your recovery chances and help you avoid potentially irreversible damage to your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

How We Treat Alcoholism

Alcoholism takes time to develop and time to recover from. A men’s alcohol rehab center utilizes both evidence-based addiction therapy and holistic therapies. This provides you with the tools, understanding, and guidance you need to achieve sobriety. Since alcohol withdrawal symptoms can begin within hours of your last drink, seeking help from a men’s alcohol rehab center before you begin detoxing is very important, as mild withdrawal symptoms can quickly worsen.

A men’s alcohol rehab center can also provide:

Treatment at a men’s alcohol rehab center can last anywhere from several days to several months. It depends on your individualized needs. Your brain needs time to re-learn how to release neurotransmitters without alcohol, you can deal with moods during early sobriety. The additional support a men’s alcohol rehab center provides can help strengthen your sobriety and make recovery less stressful.

Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Many individuals struggling with alcohol find specialized substance abuse treatment programs to help reduce symptoms. However, alcohol is still one of the most commonly abused substances in the United States, with more than half of all Americans drinking at least on a monthly basis, according to statistics by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIH). Alcohol is also a common part of social activities and entertainment, making it a popular part of weddings, celebrations, and sports games. With alcohol seemingly everywhere, it can make it easy to abuse alcohol. In fact, the NIH found 26% of adults binge drink on a regular basis, which is a type of alcohol abuse.

Without help from an alcohol rehab center, alcohol abuse and addiction can spiral into life-threatening consequences. The help from an accredited rehab center can guide each individual to lasting recovery.

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Alcohol is prone to abuse and can lead to severe physical dependence. When you compulsively abuse alcohol, it can make it difficult to maintain your job, relationships, and health. No matter what stage of alcoholism you are in, recovery is always possible.

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