group therapy taking place as part of the available addiction treatment programs at The Right Step DallasDrug addiction is detrimental to communities and challenging for any family. Drugs bring not only harmful health consequences to those who do them, but they also cause wedges between loved ones and family members. Once caught up in the web of drug addiction, the only remedy is the assistance of those in the rehab profession. Addiction treatment programs at The Right Step Dallas Fort Worth aims to bring healing to those who are stuck in the cycle of drugs.

At the addiction treatment center in Dallas, you will find the right level of care for your needs. Our residential addiction treatment programs provide structure for severe addictions while intensive outpatient program options allow you to continue meeting obligations.

The Cycle of Addiction

Many people don’t understand how the cycle of addiction works. They may think that addiction just ‘happens’ all of a sudden. Or they may think that addiction is the consequence of one choice after another. However, addiction occurs as a result of your body’s response to drugs. It may start with a choice, but once you begin doing drugs, the body has its own set of automatic reactions.

The first response the brain has to a controlled or illegal substance is a happy or relaxed feeling. Some drugs give people a feeling of euphoria, while other drugs make people feel calm and relaxed. Next, you become tolerant to the effects of the drug and need more to get the same feeling. As you take more of the substance, it causes your body to become reliant on the substance to feel “normal.” When you attempt to stop, withdrawal symptoms occur, such as:

  • Irritability
  • Stomach upset
  • Distress
  • Depression
  • Yawning
  • Flu-like symptoms

To manage withdrawal symptoms, those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse should seek help through addiction treatment programs.

The Disease of Addiction

People often believe that addiction is a matter of a person’s failure. They may feel that if people on drugs would just be more determined, then they could quit. However, drugs and addiction change the brain. It’s not as simple as people think to quit drugs abruptly. Drugs work on the brain’s natural chemicals, either enhancing them or suppressing them. Over time, the brain doesn’t function as it’s supposed to anymore. Your brain and body come to rely on the unnatural chemicals from drugs in order to feel normal.

The Dallas, TX addiction treatment program works with you to bring you off the drugs in a safe manner. Often times, the care and support of professionals at a licensed facility is necessary to get the best results.

Programs for Addiction Recovery

At The Right Step Dallas Fort Worth, our experts provide many levels of care and treatment options for recovery. This range of care allows flexibility in treatment for each individual that reaches out for help.

Programs in Texas include:

Benefits of Addiction Treatment Programs

Medical professionals never recommend that you try to quit drugs on your own. The risks are too great. Besides, there are many benefits of an addiction treatment program in Dallas, TX, such as:

  • Easing off drugs in a safe and supervised environment
  • Getting evaluated for any mental health disorders
  • Receiving comprehensive care for both mental health and substance abuse issues
  • Connecting with and learning from others who are going through rehab
  • Developing and strengthening skills to prepare you for transitioning back into society
  • Participating in a strong recovery program to ensure relapse prevention

Reach Out to a Treatment Center Today

Now is the time to reach out to a substance abuse treatment center in Dallas, TX. Don’t prolong seeking help for you or your loved one. Delaying treatment could be costly. It’s simple to gain help — just reach out to The Right Step Dallas and talk directly to a rehab specialist. Our Dallas rehab center works with national insurance providers to ensure clients get the most coverage possible. We also accept Medicaid.

Right Step Dallas Welcomes You

At The Right Step, we welcome the change you’ve desired in life. When you join our caring community, you’ll feel right at home. Our compassionate staff is ready to assist you as you start your journey to a life filled with peace. Trained clinicians will direct your steps as you gain complete independence from drugs.

Don’t wait until drug addiction has wrecked your life. Seek help now through addiction treatment programs. Reach out today and contact The Right Step Dallas by calling 1.844.768.1161. We’ll guide you on the pathway to healing.