Dealing with drug addiction requires a variety of methods because no two people are alike and every path to healing should be treated on an individual basis. Different approaches are effective in helping different people. Sometimes a combination of methods is essential to gain the comprehensive solutions you need to heal. By seeking out aid at a mental health treatment program in Dallas, TX, you will find a method that brings healing. From psychodrama to cognitive-behavioral therapy, a treatment center such as Right Step Dallas is the place to begin healing. 

Different Tools for Different Needs 

Whether you are struggling with meth addiction, heroin addiction, or alcoholism, people need different tools and strategies to get to a comprehensive solution. Usually, one method is not enough to root out the issues revolving around substance use. 

When faced with drug addiction, people often don’t realize how they appear to others or how their behavior may affect others. Therefore, it’s critical to think outside the box and try a different approach. This is where a psychodrama therapy program in Dallas, TX proves to be an effective solution.

What is Psychodrama? 

Developed by Jacob Levy Moreno, psychodrama was launched as a form of group therapy where participants work together to solve problems that aa patient crying in front of his doctor during psychodrama person is facing in the group. During each session, a problem is identified and the participants will act out parts of the problem. As a result, the protagonist gains a deeper insight into his or her problem. 

The psychodrama group is usually made up of 8 to 12 participants, and a session lasts approximately an hour and a half to two hours. All members may participate, although some may observe and provide feedback at the conclusion of the session. There are different parts the participants may play based on what they hope to learn at that time. 

How Does Psychodrama Work?

At a psychodrama therapy program in Dallas, TX, there are a variety of methods used to facilitate the psychodrama sessions. Here are three of the techniques used: 

Role Reversal: During role reversal, the protagonist plays the role of someone important in their life. This helps the person understand how others may feel, thereby developing empathy in the person. 

Doubling: During this session, the protagonist watches someone else act like them. This allows for some outside perspective. 

Soliloquy: The protagonist relays feelings he or she has through a monologue-type session. 

How Does Psychodrama Help Clients?

Psychodrama is helpful for everyone involved because it provides the main character with an idea of how others perceive him or her. In addition, it helps foster empathy among participants. Finally, it offers a fresh perspective on problems that may seem difficult to solve. 

Take the First Step

At Right Step Dallas, we understand the difficulties many have to express their inner pain. Therefore, we offer psychodrama as a method to help people find solutions to problems. 

Our compassionate staff is available to guide you on your way to a tranquil life. We are committed to helping people break free of the cycle of addiction. 

We offer several therapy programs designed to help with substance abuse. Some of these treatment programs include: 

Don’t wait until drug addiction steals your dreams. Find help and hope through psychodrama sessions at a quality rehab. Contact us at 1.844.768.1161, and we’ll get you on your journey to healing.