A group therapy program in Dallas, TX involves a group of individuals who are in a similar situation as you. They may be struggling with the same type of pain, addiction, and difficulties. Through group therapy, you begin the journey of connecting with others and to yourself again. Additionally, by taking part in a substance abuse treatment program in Dallas, TX, you can find meaning in life as you put the pieces of your life back together. Group therapy is instrumental in helping people get on the right track.

The Pain of Addiction

When dealing with drug addiction, it’s challenging to handle all the emotions and issues that you’ll face. The various struggles range from withdrawing from the substance to reconnecting to the outside world and learning how to manage your emotions in a sober environment. People who participate in drug use end up with many emotional scars that last long after they stop using the substance. 

Group therapy provides an outlet for you to release your emotions in a healthy and productive manner. When people have been involved in drug use, they deal with a lot of shame, guilt, and inner pain. They feel bad about what they’re doing but powerless to stop. Through group therapy sessions, users can express their innermost feelings without fear of judgment or shame because there are others there who feel the same way.a person sharing his story during a group therapy session

Why Group Therapy is Essential for Addiction

When people begin using drugs, it not only changes the structure of their brain, but it also changes their behavior. When you take drugs, there is a gradual change in your emotional wellbeing that may be difficult to notice at first. You may not realize you’re doing it, but you start to withdraw from others who care for you. This is normal because the addiction gets in the way. You can look at the addiction as sort of like a barrier between you and others. This is just one thing that happens to your emotional wellbeing. 

In addition, you may do things that you normally wouldn’t do. For example, some people may steal money or drugs to feed their addiction. Others may lie or manipulate in order to get the drugs they desire. Whatever the case may be, the drug addiction interferes with relationships and intimacy. This is where a group therapy program in Dallas, TX steps in to help. 

Finding Hope

At Right Step in Dallas, TX, we are here for you. You will find friends and a way out of the darkness. If you feel alone and you can’t express your innermost thoughts, we have a listening ear. Not only do we offer dynamic group therapy sessions, but our medical detox program will get you through the withdrawal process without a problem.  

Our caring staff is standing by, ready to find your way to a sober life filled with peace. We are dedicated to helping people face the issues of inner turmoil and pain as it relates to addiction. Also, we’ve helped many people in this type of situation.  

Whether it’s through individual therapy or group therapy, our trained therapists will bring you hope. Our wide variety of treatment plans come personalized and customized, so you are sure to have your specific substance use disorder addressed. Some of the addictions with which we work include: 

Don’t let drug addiction steal your joy in life. If you are struggling with addiction, then find help and hope through a group therapy program. Contact us at 1.844.768.1161. We’ll get you on the right path to healing.