Drug or alcohol addiction is a heart-breaking problem for all those involved. People with substance use disorder are affected by their own addictive behavior, but they’re not the only ones. The families of people addicted to any substance also suffer the consequences of this challenging problem.  That’s why family therapy is so critical to everyone’s wellbeing. During evidence-based addiction therapy in Dallas, TX, you will participate in family therapy, which brings healing to all involved. 

How Does Addiction Impact Families? 

Addiction to any substance tends to tear families apart. The person who becomes addicted doesn’t always understand how their behavior affects others. Drug or alcohol addiction takes over rational thinking and the person does things they may regret later. 

During the time that a family member is struggling with drug addiction, there are several things that may occur that will harm the family dynamic. The family unit may be compromised as a result of drug addiction. Some of the results of addictive behavior that require family therapy are as follows: a young family participating in Family Therapy

  • A breakdown of communication 
  • Lack of trust for all involved 
  • Hurt feelings over the drug or alcohol use
  • Severe financial repercussions

In addition to these results, the person who is addicted may resort to unethical practices in order to get drugs. They may steal money from family members or they may lie to get money for drugs. 

Family therapy is also helpful for people’s emotional wellbeing. Addiction leads to people hiding their true feelings. Sometimes the person who is using drugs may not realize they are withdrawn from others inwardly. Yet, they are not connecting on a deeper, emotional level. This leaves them feeling empty, and it also impacts their family relationships.  

Benefits of Family Therapy 

During a family therapy program in Dallas, TX, people affected by drug or alcohol addiction will learn the skills necessary to reestablish their bonds with loved ones. While the person is going through rehab for his or her addiction, family members can join in therapy sessions led by a certified professional. Family members will find new ways to communicate with one another and connect.  

In addition, family members will learn strategies to help the person with substance use disorder not become triggered. Sometimes, they may even be able to learn what types of actions trigger them so they can help steer them away from harmful situations.  

A family therapy program in Dallas, TX may include talking about what types of things have hurt you in the past as well as what things are difficult for you now. Families will also share their innermost thoughts and feelings without reservation as they know there will be no judgment. 

Some family therapy may include a psychodrama component so that each person can get inside the other person’s mindset and empathize with him or her. A medical expert guides the therapy sessions so that you gain the most help from the therapy. 

Family Therapy at Right Step 

At the Right Step in Dallas, TX, our compassionate staff is more than ready to lead you through family therapy sessions. With our professional therapists on hand, you will gain the most assistance for your family.  

We understand the struggles of recovering from drug addiction. We’ve helped a multitude of people and their families that have been in your situation before. Through our dynamic therapy sessions, we’ve brought people out through the other side to a brighter future. Our personalized approach ensures you have a therapy and treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. Our broad variety of treatment programs include: 

Don’t let drug addiction interfere with your life. You can beat this problem with family therapy. Contact us at 1.844.768.1161, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.