There are literally hundreds of ways people can hurt themselves with drugs and alcohol. It’s alarming to think that the nation is still fighting against addiction much the same way it had to 50 years ago. With that said, it’s good to note that much progress has been made in the ways treatment professionals are treating drug and alcohol addiction. While some traditional treatment methods are still prevalent, addiction treatment therapy has a new face. What the new generation of treatment professionals is bringing to the table seems to be providing encouraging results.

New Addiction Treatment Therapy Options – Evidence-Based Optionsfemale doctor discussing addiction treatment therapy with female patient

In just the last decade or so, the data on relapse rates have indicated that traditional treatment methods were not enough. When you realize 70% of all people in alcohol addiction recovery relapse at least once, it’s hard not to show deep concern. 

Just when it seemed the addiction treatment community was running out of answers, evidence-based therapies came into vogue. The theory behind evidence-based therapy is people do have the ability to change their behaviors if they understand their thoughts and feelings. This is a very important option we are using at our addiction treatment therapy program in Dallas, Texas.

While there are several forms of evidence-based therapy, there are two forms that seem to grab the spotlight. The first one is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). With this option, a therapist uses various tools to help clients recognize negative thoughts that cause them pain and stress. When they can recognize and label these thoughts, they can start to change the behaviors these thoughts are creating. They can do this on a conscious level.

The other primary form of evidence-based therapy is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). While the end game of changing behaviors on a conscious level is the same as with CBT, the approach is a bit different. Instead of focusing on thoughts, the therapist and their client will focus on feelings and emotions. 

Currently, the data points out that evidence-based therapies are making a difference. However, there is another addiction treatment therapy option that’s gaining popularity.

New Addiction Treatment Therapy Options – Holistic Therapy

Through the years, astute treatment professionals have begun to realize something is missing from the treatment process. They have been treating the addiction but not putting much focus on other aspects of a client’s life. All of that is changing as progressive addiction treatment providers have begun using holistic therapies. It’s even become commonplace in conservative addiction treatment programs in Dallas, Texas

The good thing about holistic options is they bring a bit of levity to the addiction treatment process. People enjoy doing artwork, listening to music, and learning methods of relaxation like yoga and meditation. What clients might not realize is these therapy methods offer more than enjoyment. They address the client’s inner-balance and overall well-being. Upon leaving rehab, these are addiction treatment therapy options clients can use on the outside as tools to fight against relapse. They can do that by using these options to fight off negative feelings and deal with stress. 

The Right Step Dallas – On the Cutting Edge of Addiction Treatment

Our primary addiction treatment therapy program in Dallas, Texas offers our treatment professionals lots of flexibility. In conjunction with traditional therapy methods, they can integrate these other treatment options for a more effective treatment process. The real winners of this approach are the clients who will experience healing at every level of their being. The results are coming back positive. For a better idea of what we do, review this list of services:

  • Inpatient drug rehab
  • Outpatient treatment options
  • Chronic relapse tracking
  • 12-Step program integration
  • In-house alcohol and drug detox programs
  • The aforementioned evidence-based therapies
  • Access to aftercare programs

If you are dealing with long-term addiction, you need not concern yourself with a specific addiction treatment therapy. That’s our job. What you need to focus on is getting yourself into rehab as soon as possible. You can make that move by calling our The Right Step Dallas facility at 1.844.768.1161.