“I am deeply indebted to both Sue Sedwick and Tabitha for their courage to steer me in the direction that I needed to go but was uncomfortable in going. I feel extremely satisfied in regards to my treatment plan and aftercare through the Right Step. By attending the big group and small group process meeting and family groups, I feel better equipped to handle my sobriety. The best part of my experience was being forced to look at different aspects of my life that I did not want to look at and surrounding myself with people with similar thoughts and addictions.”

“I love everything about the Right Step!!! I feel amazing. I know now that I can live clean and sober. I love the big and small groups and the support of my piers. I can not put into words how much Sue and Tabitha have helped me to change my life for the better. They are two amazing people! They have helped me more than anyone ever has in my whole life and I am going to miss them the most!”

“There were few days that the patience and dedication of the RA staff, counselors, and nursing staff weren’t tested by the clients. They always acted professionally and courteously and regularly bent over backwards to support those who needed it…even if the ones who needed the help didn’t realize it.”

“I feel like a completely changed person then when I came in here. I have made a complete 180! My needs were met over and beyond and I have reached goals that I didn’t even know I had for myself.”

“The staff helped me more than any other treatment center I have been too and the fact that they genuinely care for the clients and our recover was incredible.”

“The most important aspect of this treatment to me was the staff. I truly felt that the staff doesn’t treat this like “just a job” but rather truly cared about me. I learned a lot of the staff have suffered from the disease of addiction & perhaps that is why they are so attentive but I never expected that, everyone truly a Godsend.”

“My counselor Jeremy was amazing and all of the clinical staff including leadership were always caring and involved in the welfare of clients. This wasn’t a place where counselors sat in offices all day with know interaction with clients, this was the opposite of that!”

“I strongly feel like this program helped tremendously and the staff here are very supportive and understanding with the whole process.”

“I was able to be in a safe and loving environment that allowed me to deal with all of the difficult issues I was facing. All of the RAs and counselors were there to help and I felt that I was well taken care of. David, the chef, was also very kind and met my vegetarian and allergy diet every night and that made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I have never had very close relationships with women and it was so lovely to be surrounded by loving and supportive women that helped me through my recovery. I now have many women that I can call friends and call for support.”

“I enjoyed getting to know the other clients in our small group and sharing our experiences as well as relating to one another on levels that are hard for me to come by unless I am able to really open up to someone close to me.”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first came in at the beginning of June. Today I have a clear understanding of my addiction and how to cope without alcohol thanks to the staff an the wealth of knowledge they have provided.”

“I feel like everything I questioned at the beginning was answered and I got the help I needed. staff was respectful and professional when asked about anything. I never felt like I asked ‘stupid’ questions at any time. They helped me start my new life.”

“I have trust issues, It takes me a while to feel comfortable around people I DON’T KNOW. The majority of my personal goals were met, with the help, understanding and patients of the entire staff. Everyone here really went out of their way to help and encourage me throughout this process.”